NeuropathyRx Peripheral Nerve Pain Relief

NeuropathyRx Peripheral Nerve Pain Relief

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Eliminates peripheral nerve pain.

Multi-action support for peripheral neuropathy management. Formulated to moisturize, increase blood flow and sensitivity. Eliminates the shooting, stabbing, burning and tingling sensations and warms your feet.

  • Neuropathy Facts

    • The term neuropathy most often refers to peripheral neuropathy – involving damage to the peripheral nervous system
    • Symptoms vary depending on what type of nerves are involved
      • Sensory nerves – transmit sensation
      • Motor nerves – control movement (conscious control)
      • Autonomic nerves – control organs to regulate unconscious activities ie. breathing, sweating
      • Sensory neuropathy symptoms include pain, numbness, tingling and burning
      • Neuropathic pain can be worse at night leading to disruption of sleep
      • Many conditions can cause symptoms of peripheral neuropathy – the most common being Diabetes Mellitus
      • About 60-70% of people with Diabetes suffer with mild to moderate peripheral neuropathy
      • There are more than 3 million US cases of Diabetic peripheral neuropathy diagnosed annually


    Treatment and Prevention

    • Addressing the underlying causes is paramount e.g.
      • Strict blood glucose control in diabetes
      • Smoking cessation
      • Avoiding alcohol
      • Correcting vitamin deficiencies
      • Avoiding toxins
      • Topical patches and creams to reduce symptoms
      • TENS devices
      • Increased regular exercise
      • Oral medications / supplements
      • Daily foot care