TineaRx Antifungal Drying Emulsion

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Fast acting antifungal drying emulsion.

Unique maximum strength formula relieves the symptoms of athletes foot by carefully eliminating fungi from the skin and promotes drying of excess moisture.

  • Skin Fungus / Athlete’s Foot Facts

    • Fungal infections of the skin can occur in many locations including, but not limited to, the feet, underarms, groin and torso.
    • Common Names for Fungal infections of the skin:
      • Athlete’s foot (Tinea Pedis)
      • Ringworm
      • Jock Itch
      • Tinea Versicolor
      • Athlete’s foot (Tinea Pedis) most often affects the areas between the toes and the sides and bottoms of the feet – called Mocassin distribution
      • Athlete’s foot is more prevalent in those with excessive perspiration, as well as those suffering cracks, abrasions or friction to the skin
      • Athlete’s foot does not only occur in athletes
      • Athlete’s foot can be highly contagious
      • Tinea Pedis causes a rash to the skin including
        • Redness
        • Itching
        • Scaling
        • Blister formation
        • Sometimes dry, flaky skin
      • Lab tests can confirm or rule out the presence of a fungus infection of the involved skin

    Treatment and Prevention

    • Athlete’s Foot Treatment
      • Topical creams / ointments / sprays
      • Drying emulsions / wipes / antiperspirants
      • Topical steroids
      • Oral antifungal drugs
      • Ways to prevent Athlete’s foot
        • Change socks regularly to limit moisture
        • Use of drying agents to decrease sweat build up on the skin
        • Regularly washing your feet and making sure they are fully dry before applying socks
        • Wearing slippers in public pools, locker rooms & showers
        • Avoid sharing socks and shoes with others

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